Clients say...

“Faced with a complex and challenging problem with multiple possible solutions, the Action Learning methodology enabled us to identify the core issue and a limited number of "best" actions to explore further. As a group we learned more about the problem, solutions, our team, our organization, and the needs of colleagues, and we created an action path forward.”

Senior Executive, Medical Research Group


Clients say...

“In my work with a coach, I was better able to position my skills and role in a shifting/changing environment; doing so saved my job!”

Senior Financial Strategist, Energy


Clients say...

"I changed industry and geographic location for a more senior leadership role.  My consistent work with Sue was critical to my transition and success."

Senior Vice President, Insurance


Clients say...

"The work I do with my coach is related to the everyday challenges associated with my role; I leave our sessions with fresh perspectives.  My direct reports tell me they appreciate the mentoring approach I am using with them."

Director, Business Unit



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Clients say...

"My coaching sessions were designed to fill knowledge gaps and stretch me professionally.  During the process, my coach acted as mentor and facilitator to achieve results quickly.  Work colleagues and professional associates remarked on my new perspectives." - Director, Executive Development, Global Oil Company

"As a new vice-president, my executive coaching experience included valuable knowledge and skill-building, as well as an opportunity for confidence-building.  The sessions provided a regular opportunity for reflection, and a safe environment to explore ideas and pose questions." - Vice-President, Technology Company

"My coaching experience had a profound and positive impact on my self-confidence, which led to enhanced business performance, speed of execution and a clear focus for continuing my personal and professional development." - Vice President, Global Technology Company

"I have worked with Sue on two role transitions during the last seven years, and she is always a skilled resource to me as I identify my strengths and “blind spots”, and form my personal strategy for the new role and tasks before me." - Vice President, Higher Education/Academics

"While working with my coach, I have developed better skills for building relationships and increase interaction with others inside and outside my division,  I am more comfortable working with others, and my effectiveness has improved." - Director, Quality & Customer Service

"Sue worked with me to develop and implement an effective communication plan for employees in my division.  The messages I send are more clear, consistent, and regular than in the past, and they have been well received." - Vice President, Technology Company

"In my new role, and in a new location, the coaching sessions have been especially helpful with the transition." - Managing Geophysicist, Energy

"In my fast-paced role, coaching as taught me the value of regular “reflection” before, during, and at the close of each business day." - Vice President, Hospital Administration

"Working with Sue has improved the quality of my questions, and my critical thinking skills as I work with colleagues and customers." - Vice President, Industrial Real Estate