Clients say...

“Faced with a complex and challenging problem with multiple possible solutions, the Action Learning methodology enabled us to identify the core issue and a limited number of "best" actions to explore further. As a group we learned more about the problem, solutions, our team, our organization, and the needs of colleagues, and we created an action path forward.”

Senior Executive, Medical Research Group


Clients say...

“In my work with a coach, I was better able to position my skills and role in a shifting/changing environment; doing so saved my job!”

Senior Financial Strategist, Energy


Clients say...

"I changed industry and geographic location for a more senior leadership role.  My consistent work with Sue was critical to my transition and success."

Senior Vice President, Insurance


Clients say...

"The work I do with my coach is related to the everyday challenges associated with my role; I leave our sessions with fresh perspectives.  My direct reports tell me they appreciate the mentoring approach I am using with them."

Director, Business Unit



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Dr. Sue J. Brown

Twenty years of implementing workplace change and customized leadership development and education programs ground Dr. Brown’s coaching. She has worked with graduate students and adults in identifying and creating environments that enhance learning and leadership. Her personal philosophy is that learning and development must be ongoing for individuals, groups or teams, and organizations who wish to continue as active participants in today’s fast-paced, dynamic workplace.

As an executive coach, Dr. Brown works with senior leaders to employ a balanced use of their technical knowledge, business acumen, interpersonal and leadership skills to achieve more effective business results.


Sue completed her doctoral work in Organizational Development at The George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Her research was focused on collective learning during executive strategy sessions. She holds an M.S. from University of Houston in Instructional Design. She is a member of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), and a certified instructor of Action Learning (WIAL).


Scholarship Coordinator for Philanthropic Education Organization

Member UT Health Development Board