Clients say...

“I left every session with new insights about my leadership team and how to work with them more effectively.”

CEO-Energy Company


Clients say...

"It is so comfortable to be able to discuss what I need to improve in an objective environment. I had specific action plans I could follow, and others commented on my progress."

Director-Computer Software Industry


Clients say...

"These coaching sessions provide a structured focus. They were the time during the month I stopped to reflect on how I could be more effective, and how I was leading and influencing the people who report to me. The meetings I lead, and presentations from my teams are of higher quality because I use the skills I developed while I was working with my coach."

Marketing Executive



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S. J. Brown and Associates work with executives to build or enhance specific skills, and improve current performance.  Development plans guide their work, and are grounded in assessment, specific development activities, and measurement.

Benefits of Coaching

Executive’s engaged in one-on-one coaching experiences develop stronger skill bases more quickly than if attending training or education programs, because coaching plans are focused and specific to each individual leaders needs. 

Coaching provides the Corporation with executives possessing stronger leadership, and more promotable business skills that can be utilized to achieve greater success and competitive advantage.

New Book

Executive Coaching for Results:  The definitive guide to developing organizational leaders

Sue J. Brown was a researcher and contributor. To learn more about the book or to purchase it, please visit Amazon.

To read Sue's excerpt from the book, click here to download the PDF file.